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Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?

             I recently found out that adding pictures to individual blog post really makes each article sticky and resonates more with those who read it, because an image tells more story than a bunch of words crumpled together. But due to the advent of copyright laws online these days, you can’t just pick up any beautiful image you see online and slap it into your blog post, because if the owner of that image hasn’t given you right to use it, then you might end up be sued for copyright infringement (which might warrant you taking down the photo).
So in other to avoid this copyright infringement and stay on the safe side of things, you might want to stay clear copyrighted images and focus on those ones which are free to use.
In case you don’t know where to find such free images as aforementioned above, below are 7 awesome websites that you ransack today in your search for free images.
1. EverstockPhoto []
Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?Everstockphoto is one of the most popular website to find free images, it is known to be the search engine for free images. Their images comes from many sources but don’t feel uncomfortable they are all license specified.
Creating an account on everstockphoto for free, you can upload, tag, comment and collect images on behave of  your free account.
Currently they are having more than a million images on their site. Everstock was launched in April 2006.
One of their main aim is to become the leading portal for the stock exchange photography community, and add more features to service.
2. Stock.XCHNG []
Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?This awesome website is probably of the biggest places on the internet to look for free images. It has over 400,000 free images on virtually different any topic on the internet; ranging from Arts, Technology, blogging etc. Also, since it’s now owned by Getty Image, be expecting to see more enhanced image search services on the long haul. Give them a try today.
3. Free Photos Bank []
Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?This is another awesome site to get free images for your blog posts. Free Photo Bank offers you an awesome option to see which photos are the most downloaded and the good thing is – you really don’t have to register in other to download them. Plus you can decide to use it literally for anything you have in mind.
4. Photo Pin []
Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?An awesome website that is among the best when you want beautiful images, top-quality and elegant free photos for your personal use, Although each images there are under the protection of creative commons licensing – this means if you end up using any of photos from Photo Pinyou’d need to link back to the original source.
5. []
Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?Yet another awesome free image community, they have a unique way of uploading images on their website. All their photos are free, either business, personal or educational, it all free. although their images are of small size, but they are all perfect, if you need the larger size of their image then you need to go for the premium account.
6. Foter []
Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?This is yet another free image website where bloggers can come and get relevant photos for their blog posts. And just like Photo Pin above, you can use any of the images but you mustn’t forget to give credit back to the image source.
Apart from that, there’s no other restriction, so you can decide to use the images as you deem fit.
Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?There are enormous amount of totally FREE relevant images for you to use if you’re targeting to get an image impromptu.
With Unprofound , which  I consider the best because of the no-restriction it gives with the use of it images; you can use the images gotten from there for anything you have in mind.  Either for educational, personal or commercial purposes, images from Unprofound will help you better in being on the safe side of things.
8. Comp Fight []
Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?Comp Fight makes it quite easy searching for Creative-Commons-Licensed images for your content uses daily. The beauty of this site is it ability to search out relevant images from Flickr and combining it to their own images so that you can get the most relevant image search ever.
9. Morguefile []
Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?It has a massive amount of images for free download, ranging from arts to all kinds of images. But these images can only be used for personal, practical and educational uses and it can’t be sold or used for commercial purposes. So while using images from Morguefile you might want to be really careful not to end up using it for things other than what I just mentioned above.
Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?On my last list is stockvault, not that stockvault is the worse free images community. Among the images communtiy listed here it’s one of the best community to find free images. It was launched in 2004, its a community for students, graphics designers and photographers, these three group of people can share images for others to use without no cost. They are having over 30,000 free images available on the website.
You can even try these two websites to find quality images for your blog posts
So in conclusion, all these sites are the best in terms of getting free images and they can keep you safe from photographer’ wrath if you adhere to follow all the instructions attached to using each images gotten from their sites.
But let ask, did I miss your favourite free image website? Please tell us yours in the comments. Thanks for reading.

6 Surprising Signs Why You Will Quit Blogging

Blogging is becoming more and more competitive and popular by every day passing, which is the reason more and more people are getting into this business. New bloggers mostly think of this business as a shortcut to make money and step into it. But sooner or later, they eventually quit blogging.
Are you one of those people? Are you ever going to quit blogging?
Here are the five signs that you will quit blogging.
6 Surprising Signs Why You Will Quit Blogging

1. You don’t have time!

Everyone is busy in this world!
Blogging takes too much time! You’ll quit blogging soon if you don’t have time to blog. Every time you sit down to blog, something “more important” comes up and you just can’t spend time on your blog.
If you’re spending more time on social method or useless activites that have nothing to do with your blog. That’s when you’ll quit blogging.

2. You are always in Blogger’s Block:

Blogger’s block is when you can’t think of an idea of what to write. You lose the ability to work on your blog or producing content.
If you are always in blogger’s block, you are always struggling to get new ideas and you never know what next you are going to write about, then things are pointing towards a dark side for you.
If a blogger is fully determined to become famous and successful, he finally finds a way to get new ideas and keep going, but those who always complain that they don’t get ideas are the ones who have low levels of determination and they are destined to fail and quit blogging.

3. You hate to read other blogs:

If you find it boring to search your topics and read other people’s blogs, you are done.
In order to be different, unique and stand out in blogosphere you need to have killer quality content and the only way to produce killer quality content is by searching the topic a lot and then pouring a lot of information on the reader by using little number of words.
Hence, if you don’t love reading, you will soon stop loving writing and typing & saying good-bye to this business.

4. Your posts are not proofread:

One of the simplest ways to tell if a blogger will succeed or quit is by looking at his articles.
If you find no mistakes at all both in spellings and grammar, you can say that he is a horse of long ride. ;)
But if articles are filled with errors, it is safe to say that the guy who wrote this piece doesn’t really love to write, which is the reason he didn’t take the safe step and re-read his own articles and instead published as it was with errors and misspellings. 

5. You don’t have a Top Level Domain:

Blogging at sub domain indicates that blogger is not really serious about blogging and he will eventually disappear. Another reason why blogger with sub domains quit is because they have nothing to lose since; they have not invested anything at all.
While in case of top level domain, bloggers think thousands of times before saying good-bye to business. Hence, if you want to be a successful blogger and keep yourself safe from temptation of quitting blogging, get a top level domain as soon as possible.

6. You don’t have Niche Blog:

The most popular reason for ending careers of many bloggers is not having a clear plan. They don’t even have a clear concept of niche.
Such blogger publish anything and everything they want, but still don’t succeed because no one cares about such blogs. This is a sure-fire indication that blogger will go away very soon.

Don’t worry!

The reason behind writing this post is not to make you feel like quiting blogging. These are just signs that you might quit blogging sooner than later. So you should avoid these.
To keep you motivated. I found a quote. I’m sure, you’ll love this.
6 Surprising Signs Why You Will Quit Blogging
What do you think about this? Do you ever feel like quitting blogging? Do let me know in comments

How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account?

Google is getting strict day by day. They changed their policies recently.
The big one is Adsense Hosted Account..
So What is Adsense Hosted Account?
The account that you got approved from their hosted sites like YouTube, Blogspot or Hubpages.
That mean if you got Adsense using the Adsense hosted sites like youtube, blogspot or hubpages. You can’t use this Adsense account on any other domain name/site.
Let me tell you the difference between Adsense hosted account and normal account
    • Adsense Hosted account
: You can show Adsense ads using this account only on Youtube, BlogSpot, Hubpages (Sites which let you apply for Adsense and use ad codes on their domain)
    • Normal Account
: You can use this account on any Sites/Domain owned by you.
  • Add important pages in your blog like: About us,  Privacy Policy, Contact Us
  • You must be 18+. So Make sure to use the payee name same as on your bank account
  • Apply using a top level domain like .com , .net, .org
  • Write quality content and optimize it for search engines
  • Make your website fast loading.
  • On the Home tab, visit the Account settings page.
  • In the “Access and authorization” section, next to “Only host sites are allowed to show ads for your account,” click edit.
  • On the “Show ads on other websites” page that appears, enter the URL of the site where you plan to show ads.
  • Click Submit.
  1. Sign in to your account. Visit the My ads tab.
  1. From the sidebar, choose  ”Content.”
  1. How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account?
  1. Click +New ad unit.
  1. In the next step Name and customize your ad unit.
  1. View details about the settings.
  1. Click Save and get code.
How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account?
This is the one and only difference between the normal Adsense account and the AdSense hosted account.
You’ve to remove the label Adsense hosted account in order to show ads on any other site/domain.
Here is how to do that.
You can do so by filling a form , Google will manually review your application and website. They’ll upgrade your Adsense account to normal.
Few things to remember:
To upgrade Adsense hosted account to normal account. You need a quality website. Google is not going to approve any spammy blog or the one with poor content.
We’ve wrote a complete detail article on tips before applying for Adsense. Here are some quick tips you must follow before requesting Google to upgrade your Adsense hosted account to normal account.
Here is how to remove Adsense Hosted Account label
Sign in to your AdSense account.
How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account?
How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account?
Now after submitting the application, you’ve to add the adsense code in the blog you submitted in above step.
Here is how to do.
Now place that code in your blog that you submitted in the step mentioned above.
Google will manually review your application. It can take few days to week.
You’ll get email about approval or disapproval.  Even if your Application is rejected, don’t worry. You will be able to use Adsense on Hosted sites like Blogspot or Youtube.
Are you using Google Adsense? Is it Hosted or normal account?
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me in comments.

Why Your Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented….

By Kimsea Sok · 

Why Your Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented?
Many newbie bloggers and some older bloggers were wonder why blog posts were not shared and commented by their audiences.
There were some reasons which force users to shares and comments on your articles. The below tips are some of those reasons..
#1 articles is not unique and quality contents
Most of the people love to read educational articles which are fresh update information. They could learn about new knowledge which gives them the more experience and expertise learning.
You know?
They may want to share those value information or educational articles to their friends, colleges, and families since it valuable expertise development. That is a simple reason why blog posts were not shared and commented or nothing at all.
The readers will enjoy and share you articles, if you have written a quality post which included above benefits of learning.

#2 you have no private relationship

How many friends in your social media connection? And did you have a strong relationship with them?
Well, private relationship is majority reason of why blog posts were not shared and comment. I have 2k+ follower, 2k+ fans, and 1k+ friends connect, especially I have built strong relationship with those peoples.
Whenever, I shared some information into social media profile they always help to spread my information by shared and commented on the posts and make it popular social release. Therefore, to build a stronger relationship will configure out the problem and give you the answer why blog post were not shared and commented by other people.
I suggested you to spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour daily to the community with others friend connect through to them and talk about some social relation.

#3 Shares unattractive posts

Some blogger just share only links which make other people complicated and wondering about what inside the link. Moreover, links could attract other social media users.
Now a day most of the people are very busy with their current job, thus they will never waste their time to click on some links and no valuable information.
The time constrain is another important reason of why blog posts were not shared and commented. Actually, most love to keep working and don’t want to interrupt their work without any benefit such your link.
To make those people skip their value time to click on your link you have to put some call actions such as added attractive image and brief information about value content inside the article.

#4 You Don’t have participant social media network group

Social media strategy is like WTO trading. None membership traders will gain less benefit from doing international trading.
You know there a group call CommentsDX which all members could exchange some comments with other members and gain the value of sharing to post of each other. When you ask a question why blog posts were not shared and commented, you should ask yourself that did you joint any networks or groups which benefit for increase more blog comments and sharing.

#5 you never share minds, why blog posts were shared and commented by me

When first time I start integrated social media as marketing strategy, I am afraid to share other bloggers and competitors posts.
I am really wondering about my audiences will move to other bloggers or to my competitors websites. But absolutely no, sharing other bloggers or competitors post will make audiences love you and enjoy more big resources of information entire your social profiles.
Sometime your post will be shared and commented by others since you always like or commented them.

Right now it is your turn

Thanks for reading my tip: why blog posts were not shared and commented. I think that it may not a unique idea to increase more share and comments, but I think that these above tips are still working. I believe that it will benefit for newbie bloggers to implement social media strategy.
Did I missed any point? Are you getting good comments and shares on your blog post?
Do share with us below.

How To Make Money with Grow Rich Forum – Adsense Revenue Sharing Forum…….

I’m feeling pretty good today because I just found a place that I have been looking for quite sometime.

That is a forum.
This not an old one, but is making progress like wildfire. It is really friendly with bloggers and has been set up specifically to help them out and make them some extra bucks too. We all have used forum for one purpose or other on some time in our lives. We consider them as a place for interacting and getting help from others and also generating some traffic to our blog.
That’s all. Isn’t it?
Actually, this forum has something special. Something that not many other forums are willing to give you which is that you get paid to post. That’s right. You post and you get paid.
How To Make Money with Grow Rich Forum - Adsense Revenue Sharing Forum

Why I recommend? 

I’m not only going to explain how to get paid, but some other amazing points of forum of this blog too so stay with me.

1. Compensation Plan:

Getting paid to post is called compensation plan there. It is as simple as you can probably imagine. When signing up, they ask you for your Adsense Ad Client ID and Ad Slot ID. And, that’s it. 
How it works?
You give them your ID’s and after that, you are required to make at least one post and your ads along with ads of other members will start to show up on the right side of forum. The more you post the chances of getting more and more page views increase which means more money.
And, yes any time someone clicks on any ad displayed using your ID’s, you get paid. And, sweetest thing is that it is not against the terms of service of Google Adsense. They fully allow you to do that. Hence, you simply get paid for helping others and even getting help from others.

2. Blogging Section:

There is a section focused on blogging where people ask anything and everything regarding blogging. These things include talk about bounce rate, blog design, blog coding, increase in blog traffic and other problems. This is a surefire place to get solutions for all of your blogging problems.

3. SEO Section:

SEO is as important for blogging as is oxygen for human life. :D
Hence, we all need to be as good as we can in this particular section. But no matter how much we learn in this field, it won’t be enough because search engine algorithm changes frequently and we can run into problems very often. This section of forum includes different tips, solution of SEO problems and many other things to help you make your blog more search engine friendly. 

4. Social Networking Section:

Social media is just as important as SEO. No blog can succeed with search engine or social traffic only because the only way to succeed is to have both of them. This forum has help on this point and a separate section has been created for this purpose.
You can ask anything related to social networking and you will surely get help.

5. Adsense Section:

Everyone wants to eat the fruit of his efforts and blogging fruit is money. Any good quality blog can be monetized and can actually make good money.
Adsense is the best money making machine on the Internet at this time and has a lot of buzz because of their policies and standards to accept a site into program. New bloggers need a lot of guidance before being able to be accepted and forum’s Adsense section has been focused on educating people about just that.
Take a look at screenshotb below.
How To Make Money with Grow Rich Forum - Adsense Revenue Sharing Forum
I’m really in love with this forum ever since I found it. I am spending my most time posting there because this is increasing the chances of making more and more money and I’m working as hard as I possibly can.
I strongly suggest you to give it a try and I bet you will love it.