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6 Surprising Signs Why You Will Quit Blogging

Blogging is becoming more and more competitive and popular by every day passing, which is the reason more and more people are getting into this business. New bloggers mostly think of this business as a shortcut to make money and step into it. But sooner or later, they eventually quit blogging.
Are you one of those people? Are you ever going to quit blogging?
Here are the five signs that you will quit blogging.
6 Surprising Signs Why You Will Quit Blogging

1. You don’t have time!

Everyone is busy in this world!
Blogging takes too much time! You’ll quit blogging soon if you don’t have time to blog. Every time you sit down to blog, something “more important” comes up and you just can’t spend time on your blog.
If you’re spending more time on social method or useless activites that have nothing to do with your blog. That’s when you’ll quit blogging.

2. You are always in Blogger’s Block:

Blogger’s block is when you can’t think of an idea of what to write. You lose the ability to work on your blog or producing content.
If you are always in blogger’s block, you are always struggling to get new ideas and you never know what next you are going to write about, then things are pointing towards a dark side for you.
If a blogger is fully determined to become famous and successful, he finally finds a way to get new ideas and keep going, but those who always complain that they don’t get ideas are the ones who have low levels of determination and they are destined to fail and quit blogging.

3. You hate to read other blogs:

If you find it boring to search your topics and read other people’s blogs, you are done.
In order to be different, unique and stand out in blogosphere you need to have killer quality content and the only way to produce killer quality content is by searching the topic a lot and then pouring a lot of information on the reader by using little number of words.
Hence, if you don’t love reading, you will soon stop loving writing and typing & saying good-bye to this business.

4. Your posts are not proofread:

One of the simplest ways to tell if a blogger will succeed or quit is by looking at his articles.
If you find no mistakes at all both in spellings and grammar, you can say that he is a horse of long ride. ;)
But if articles are filled with errors, it is safe to say that the guy who wrote this piece doesn’t really love to write, which is the reason he didn’t take the safe step and re-read his own articles and instead published as it was with errors and misspellings. 

5. You don’t have a Top Level Domain:

Blogging at sub domain indicates that blogger is not really serious about blogging and he will eventually disappear. Another reason why blogger with sub domains quit is because they have nothing to lose since; they have not invested anything at all.
While in case of top level domain, bloggers think thousands of times before saying good-bye to business. Hence, if you want to be a successful blogger and keep yourself safe from temptation of quitting blogging, get a top level domain as soon as possible.

6. You don’t have Niche Blog:

The most popular reason for ending careers of many bloggers is not having a clear plan. They don’t even have a clear concept of niche.
Such blogger publish anything and everything they want, but still don’t succeed because no one cares about such blogs. This is a sure-fire indication that blogger will go away very soon.

Don’t worry!

The reason behind writing this post is not to make you feel like quiting blogging. These are just signs that you might quit blogging sooner than later. So you should avoid these.
To keep you motivated. I found a quote. I’m sure, you’ll love this.
6 Surprising Signs Why You Will Quit Blogging
What do you think about this? Do you ever feel like quitting blogging? Do let me know in comments

Direction of SEO in 2013 : Can You Get Higher Rank?

By Ammar Ali 

It has been reported that in a typical year Google makes as many as 500 minor adjustments to its search engine algorithms.
In 2012 major changes that had huge impact on rankings were seen with the Panda and Penguin updates. Looking ahead to 2013 there are some areas expected to draw greater attention as well.
Direction of SEO in 2013 : Can You Get Higher Rank?
Some Key Items to Watch and Prepare For!
Though nobody can accurately predict all of the changes that may come about in 2013 there are some prevailing expectations and areas of interest. If you keep some of these in mind as you prepare your strategy for maintaining or attaining high rankings in searches you can be prepared to take advantage of changes as opposed to being negatively impacted by them.

Author Rank 

  • It is widely expected for Author Rank to assume an ever increasing importance in search rankings.
In simplest term, Google has been and will continue to monitor authors of content all over the web. Based on the reputation of that author (as determined by the strength of sites they have content on and feedback from social media as measured by sharing, tweets, etc.) a ranking will be assigned to them.
high ranking may well be used to increase the rankings of sites that publish content by that author. Conversely, have a lot of content from very low ranked authors could have a negative impact on the sites ranking.
  • As a blogger, your ranking will be determined by the reputation you already have.
Google may use the author rank it has assigned to you based on the content you have already written in the past for your own blog. Based on the way it determines your authority or expertise in given areas or your particular niche your Author rank is very or very low your ranking may well change to reflect that.
  • If as an author you have attained a good reputation your blog and the content on your blog will reflect that with higher rankings.
To further push this process everything you publish likely will be automatically linked to your Google+ profile. The bottom line is your reputation and the reputation of contributors to your blog will be given considerable weight in determining the search ranking of your site.

Mobile Friendly is a Must

Over 1/3 of internet traffic is estimated to be from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Websites that do not fully support mobile browsers or that are deemed not ‘mobile friendly (non-standard pixel widths as an example) will be hurt in rankings.
In addition, if a search originates from a mobile device it will not appear at all in the search results. A key strategy for on-page SEO will be to ensure your website is mobile compatible.

An Even Greater Role for Social Media

Direction of SEO in 2013 : Can You Get Higher Rank?
Social media will continue to grow in importance. If you have a website or blog and have not yet fully integrated the major social media outlets such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. then it is time to do so.
More importantly, simply having the logo will not be considered to be integrated- you will need to begin to actively use these outlets to achieve or maintain higher rankings.  If your content and website is popular on social media your rankings will improve. The measure for that popularity will be shares, tweets, +1 , etc. The concept is if people can find it on social media outlets and are looking for it there then the search engines want to make certain it is just as easy to find by people doing related searches.

Co-Citation is Widely Expected to be a Consideration

Co-Citation is a relatively new term in reference to Search Engine Optimization and search rankings. In the past in order to get credited or gain authority and rankings it was required to have a link posted to your website from other websites.
It was by counting these links and the assigned value of the site they came from that a ranking could be determined. This may be changing.
The downside of using only the backlink method of determining influence is that often you do not actually get a link even when something is attributed to you. The example used in a SEOMoz video conference was:
Many sites talk about ‘cell phone ratings’ and ‘Consumer reports’ in the same breath but don’t actually link to
But Google (getting smarter all the time) is able to figure out that 1) the phrases ‘cell phone rating’ and ‘consumer reports’ often appear close together, and 2) Consumer Reports as a ‘branded phrase’ is highly relevant to
Therefore on a search for ‘cell phone ratings,’ has a high probability of showing up.
As the search engine algorithms get ‘smarter’ they will continue to use and improve on these concepts to make search results more relevant and less likely to be manipulated artificially. In 2013 expect this to be a prevailing theme.
What do you think? Is it hard to get higher ranking in search engine? What will be direction of SEO in 2013? Share with us

Why Your Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented….

By Kimsea Sok · 

Why Your Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented?
Many newbie bloggers and some older bloggers were wonder why blog posts were not shared and commented by their audiences.
There were some reasons which force users to shares and comments on your articles. The below tips are some of those reasons..
#1 articles is not unique and quality contents
Most of the people love to read educational articles which are fresh update information. They could learn about new knowledge which gives them the more experience and expertise learning.
You know?
They may want to share those value information or educational articles to their friends, colleges, and families since it valuable expertise development. That is a simple reason why blog posts were not shared and commented or nothing at all.
The readers will enjoy and share you articles, if you have written a quality post which included above benefits of learning.

#2 you have no private relationship

How many friends in your social media connection? And did you have a strong relationship with them?
Well, private relationship is majority reason of why blog posts were not shared and comment. I have 2k+ follower, 2k+ fans, and 1k+ friends connect, especially I have built strong relationship with those peoples.
Whenever, I shared some information into social media profile they always help to spread my information by shared and commented on the posts and make it popular social release. Therefore, to build a stronger relationship will configure out the problem and give you the answer why blog post were not shared and commented by other people.
I suggested you to spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour daily to the community with others friend connect through to them and talk about some social relation.

#3 Shares unattractive posts

Some blogger just share only links which make other people complicated and wondering about what inside the link. Moreover, links could attract other social media users.
Now a day most of the people are very busy with their current job, thus they will never waste their time to click on some links and no valuable information.
The time constrain is another important reason of why blog posts were not shared and commented. Actually, most love to keep working and don’t want to interrupt their work without any benefit such your link.
To make those people skip their value time to click on your link you have to put some call actions such as added attractive image and brief information about value content inside the article.

#4 You Don’t have participant social media network group

Social media strategy is like WTO trading. None membership traders will gain less benefit from doing international trading.
You know there a group call CommentsDX which all members could exchange some comments with other members and gain the value of sharing to post of each other. When you ask a question why blog posts were not shared and commented, you should ask yourself that did you joint any networks or groups which benefit for increase more blog comments and sharing.

#5 you never share minds, why blog posts were shared and commented by me

When first time I start integrated social media as marketing strategy, I am afraid to share other bloggers and competitors posts.
I am really wondering about my audiences will move to other bloggers or to my competitors websites. But absolutely no, sharing other bloggers or competitors post will make audiences love you and enjoy more big resources of information entire your social profiles.
Sometime your post will be shared and commented by others since you always like or commented them.

Right now it is your turn

Thanks for reading my tip: why blog posts were not shared and commented. I think that it may not a unique idea to increase more share and comments, but I think that these above tips are still working. I believe that it will benefit for newbie bloggers to implement social media strategy.
Did I missed any point? Are you getting good comments and shares on your blog post?
Do share with us below.

How to Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More? 4 Ways…

By Ian Mason

Getting traffic to your blogs is not a rocket science. When you done few things right you can bring lots of organic traffic to your sites within less time (having targeted keywords in mind, proper SEO blog structure, internal linking etc.)
But it’s hard to sustain your blog readership for a long time, agree?
If you want to keep your audience coming back for more, here are few things to do.
How to Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More? 4 Ways

Capture email addresses by giving more

One of the best ways to bring people again and again to your blogs is by capturing their emails. Whenever you publish a new article on your blog, you can use newsletters to send them to your subscribers to keep them coming back for more.
Having a great email list will not only increase website traffic, it also improves your product sales. But you must provide value to your email subscribers often to make money from your email marketing campaign.
Here are few simple ways to build your email list faster.
  • Give away something for FREE (plugin, theme or eBook etc)
  • Always write great contents
  • Use social media sites to bring more people to subscribe
  • Use landing pages

Be active on social media

Social media has become a vital place for most bloggers to spread their ideas and brand.
Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc will not only bring more online visibility for your blogs, but they will also have the tendency to make your blog go viral.
If you have more followers and fans on social media sites, you can bring drastic changes on your blogging journey. It’s very important for anyone who is blogging for a while to improve their social media interaction to boost their online presence.
If you are always posting useful stuff on your social media profiles, you will definitely be creating curiosity on your fans to read your links whenever you post something on your profiles. So always spend time on social media sites to share others stuff and to boost your online brand to keep your audience coming back for more stuff.

Create series posts

Series posts are attention pullers, most online readers visit your blogs again and again when you have right combination of series posts.
You can start writing series posts on any topic that your readers might be interested in. Few examples are, if you are running a bike advice blog, you could come up with “bike cleaning tips”, “bike maintenance service tips for busy people” etc. This way you will be able to grab the people’s attention who is interested in reading your stuff.
Moreover you can grab their email address by asking them to subscribe at the end of your each post. If they find your series posts interesting, they will certainly do whatever you ask them to do.
Pro tip: Don’t write too many posts in your series posts, limit your posts to 5 to 7 articles and you can complete them by posting everyday on your blogs, thus finishing your series within a week.

Interviews will NEVER get old.

Interviewing someone in your niche is often a great way to get more traffic and attention from other bloggers.
You can see a huge traffic spike in your stats if you interview someone who is influential in your niche. It’s not always possible for a new blogger to conduct interviews of top bloggers, but you can always try interviewing the rising blogging stars in your niche. This way you can bring more online visibility in the early stages of your blog.
If you create a separate page called “Interview section” in your blog and conduct frequent interviews (monthly twice or so), you can bring more audience to your blog again and again. You will also have a tendency to get more likes, shares, tweets and comments on your blogs if they go viral.
Always ask great questions that will provoke your readers mind and build strong relationships with other bloggers by promoting their stuff. This is a win/win approach and you can see great results in no time.
Extra tip: Have an appealing blog design, your blog should be designed to get the reader to do something. It could be anything from getting a blog comment to buying your affiliate products. Invest money to buy a premium theme or hire a professional to get a unique design for your blog, after all, first impression is the best impression in blogging.
You can use Theme Junkie or Elegant Themes. They’re best and affordable. You can also check out our deal page too.
What next? Share your valuable views with us in the Comment section below.