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Money One Can Earn From Google AdSense

Earn From Google AdSense:

Earning money from a website is usually a lucrative proposition, and AdSense is amongst the top choice for bloggers to monetize their weblog. Even though Affiliate advertising and marketing or CPA marketing pays in excess of AdSense, but Adsense offers a sense of satisfaction, and moreover gives into recurring income. If I need to put it in a straightforward way, AdSense works as a new saving account where you may be paid mostly on a restricted interest rate, and internet affiliate marketing works as a communal fund investment, where income might fluctuate but remains greater than AdSense.

Anyways, this post just isn’t about which one is better, but here in this post I’m answering one of the most asked question to us regarding AdSense. Recently We were giving a task of workshop at Hosting summit and after summit a person asked me, How much money can she make with image based blog or other lucrative and simple to operate niche for AdSense. And few days back, one of our reader asked the amount of money he can earn via AdSense on his website.




Calculate your future AdSense income

I’m sorry to disappoint you but there isn’t any easy or sure shot way for calculating your future AdSense income, as you can’t predict how much cash you will make every click. AdSense income depends on various factors, and here are the most common factors which gives into more AdSense income.



Topic of your Blog: 

Lets focus on the basics of AdSense. Google AdSense works by AdWords, where Advertisers prices for bids on Keywords, and thus Ads are displayed on third party Websites like yours and mine using AdSense. At this point, with time Advertisers have grown to be smarter, and they bet more on long-tail Keywords, as this converts better. Along with this, you will find there’s concept of high Paying & low Paying niches.

Former mate: Niche like Loan, health, Attorney have high CPC (Cost every click), and other area of interest like (Posters, Movies) are considered as low paying. Technology niche on other hand is pretty moderate AdSense niche, and income per click depends on various factors.



Your traffic demographic:

AdSense income also is determined by the country which is actually sending you more targeted traffic. For example, if your website is getting more targeted traffic from USA or UK, you may earn more from per click on your AdSense ads. Where as you are getting more targeted traffic from developing nation such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh then you will probably earn less per click (Mostly in pennies), and this huge difference is a result of difference in average purchasing power of these nations.



Other common factors:

Above two are the most influential factor for AdSense earning. After this particular other factors like your Ad placement, ad mixing, type of Ads (Image or maybe Text or both), also adds a good deal into it. These issues can readily be modified by strategically utilize AdSense ads with your blog (Above the crease, and blend it smartly), as well as for other factors, you should work on before you launch your site.

Well, many of us create website only to earn from AdSense, but people usually give up it soon, as this particular doesn’t keep them glued for long. Moreover, without having complete domain knowledge, quality of site decreases with time, and it doesn’t work towards long run. In my recent guide about how I created AdSense blog with less effort, I explained the way to create quality AdSense blog. (A strategy that you can actually copy).

So next time should you have doubt related to how much you can generate from AdSense ads, ask yourself what niche and what type of traffic you are going to get on your blog. None the less, have a look at this guide on finding high CPC AdSense keyword for most convenient way.

How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account?

Google is getting strict day by day. They changed their policies recently.
The big one is Adsense Hosted Account..
So What is Adsense Hosted Account?
The account that you got approved from their hosted sites like YouTube, Blogspot or Hubpages.
That mean if you got Adsense using the Adsense hosted sites like youtube, blogspot or hubpages. You can’t use this Adsense account on any other domain name/site.
Let me tell you the difference between Adsense hosted account and normal account
    • Adsense Hosted account
: You can show Adsense ads using this account only on Youtube, BlogSpot, Hubpages (Sites which let you apply for Adsense and use ad codes on their domain)
    • Normal Account
: You can use this account on any Sites/Domain owned by you.
  • Add important pages in your blog like: About us,  Privacy Policy, Contact Us
  • You must be 18+. So Make sure to use the payee name same as on your bank account
  • Apply using a top level domain like .com , .net, .org
  • Write quality content and optimize it for search engines
  • Make your website fast loading.
  • On the Home tab, visit the Account settings page.
  • In the “Access and authorization” section, next to “Only host sites are allowed to show ads for your account,” click edit.
  • On the “Show ads on other websites” page that appears, enter the URL of the site where you plan to show ads.
  • Click Submit.
  1. Sign in to your account. Visit the My ads tab.
  1. From the sidebar, choose  ”Content.”
  1. How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account?
  1. Click +New ad unit.
  1. In the next step Name and customize your ad unit.
  1. View details about the settings.
  1. Click Save and get code.
How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account?
This is the one and only difference between the normal Adsense account and the AdSense hosted account.
You’ve to remove the label Adsense hosted account in order to show ads on any other site/domain.
Here is how to do that.
You can do so by filling a form , Google will manually review your application and website. They’ll upgrade your Adsense account to normal.
Few things to remember:
To upgrade Adsense hosted account to normal account. You need a quality website. Google is not going to approve any spammy blog or the one with poor content.
We’ve wrote a complete detail article on tips before applying for Adsense. Here are some quick tips you must follow before requesting Google to upgrade your Adsense hosted account to normal account.
Here is how to remove Adsense Hosted Account label
Sign in to your AdSense account.
How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account?
How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account?
Now after submitting the application, you’ve to add the adsense code in the blog you submitted in above step.
Here is how to do.
Now place that code in your blog that you submitted in the step mentioned above.
Google will manually review your application. It can take few days to week.
You’ll get email about approval or disapproval.  Even if your Application is rejected, don’t worry. You will be able to use Adsense on Hosted sites like Blogspot or Youtube.
Are you using Google Adsense? Is it Hosted or normal account?
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me in comments.

Direction of SEO in 2013 : Can You Get Higher Rank?

By Ammar Ali 

It has been reported that in a typical year Google makes as many as 500 minor adjustments to its search engine algorithms.
In 2012 major changes that had huge impact on rankings were seen with the Panda and Penguin updates. Looking ahead to 2013 there are some areas expected to draw greater attention as well.
Direction of SEO in 2013 : Can You Get Higher Rank?
Some Key Items to Watch and Prepare For!
Though nobody can accurately predict all of the changes that may come about in 2013 there are some prevailing expectations and areas of interest. If you keep some of these in mind as you prepare your strategy for maintaining or attaining high rankings in searches you can be prepared to take advantage of changes as opposed to being negatively impacted by them.

Author Rank 

  • It is widely expected for Author Rank to assume an ever increasing importance in search rankings.
In simplest term, Google has been and will continue to monitor authors of content all over the web. Based on the reputation of that author (as determined by the strength of sites they have content on and feedback from social media as measured by sharing, tweets, etc.) a ranking will be assigned to them.
high ranking may well be used to increase the rankings of sites that publish content by that author. Conversely, have a lot of content from very low ranked authors could have a negative impact on the sites ranking.
  • As a blogger, your ranking will be determined by the reputation you already have.
Google may use the author rank it has assigned to you based on the content you have already written in the past for your own blog. Based on the way it determines your authority or expertise in given areas or your particular niche your Author rank is very or very low your ranking may well change to reflect that.
  • If as an author you have attained a good reputation your blog and the content on your blog will reflect that with higher rankings.
To further push this process everything you publish likely will be automatically linked to your Google+ profile. The bottom line is your reputation and the reputation of contributors to your blog will be given considerable weight in determining the search ranking of your site.

Mobile Friendly is a Must

Over 1/3 of internet traffic is estimated to be from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Websites that do not fully support mobile browsers or that are deemed not ‘mobile friendly (non-standard pixel widths as an example) will be hurt in rankings.
In addition, if a search originates from a mobile device it will not appear at all in the search results. A key strategy for on-page SEO will be to ensure your website is mobile compatible.

An Even Greater Role for Social Media

Direction of SEO in 2013 : Can You Get Higher Rank?
Social media will continue to grow in importance. If you have a website or blog and have not yet fully integrated the major social media outlets such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. then it is time to do so.
More importantly, simply having the logo will not be considered to be integrated- you will need to begin to actively use these outlets to achieve or maintain higher rankings.  If your content and website is popular on social media your rankings will improve. The measure for that popularity will be shares, tweets, +1 , etc. The concept is if people can find it on social media outlets and are looking for it there then the search engines want to make certain it is just as easy to find by people doing related searches.

Co-Citation is Widely Expected to be a Consideration

Co-Citation is a relatively new term in reference to Search Engine Optimization and search rankings. In the past in order to get credited or gain authority and rankings it was required to have a link posted to your website from other websites.
It was by counting these links and the assigned value of the site they came from that a ranking could be determined. This may be changing.
The downside of using only the backlink method of determining influence is that often you do not actually get a link even when something is attributed to you. The example used in a SEOMoz video conference was:
Many sites talk about ‘cell phone ratings’ and ‘Consumer reports’ in the same breath but don’t actually link to
But Google (getting smarter all the time) is able to figure out that 1) the phrases ‘cell phone rating’ and ‘consumer reports’ often appear close together, and 2) Consumer Reports as a ‘branded phrase’ is highly relevant to
Therefore on a search for ‘cell phone ratings,’ has a high probability of showing up.
As the search engine algorithms get ‘smarter’ they will continue to use and improve on these concepts to make search results more relevant and less likely to be manipulated artificially. In 2013 expect this to be a prevailing theme.
What do you think? Is it hard to get higher ranking in search engine? What will be direction of SEO in 2013? Share with us

How To Start a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog For Cheap………

Author: Nishant
This blog which you are reading now is a self-hosted wordpress blog and was started in only $2
Don’t believe me?
You will once you read this post
Read it till the last word without skimming, otherwise it might be dangerous to health
Naah! Just kidding, you’ll be fine
Well, if you ask any professional blogger “which is the best blogging platform” you will get this answer in reply “WORDPRESS”. With no doubt I agree with them that wordpress is the best and starting a blog on wordpress is as simple as starting it on any other blogging platform
WordPress blogs are of two types, the “.com” ones and the “.org” ones
I don’t mean their domains are .com or .org, but the com ones I mean those which were built using the free version of wordpress i.e. and by the org ones I mean those in which
We buy a domain name
We buy webhosting
We install wordpress
And our blogging starts
in this post, as you have read in the title I am going to help you in starting your own wordpress blog for cheap
But first let us see why you should go for a self-hosted wordpress blog instead of a free one
(If you want to start a free blog I recommend go with blogger because it is a better than
You can install plugins; doesn’t allow you to install any plugins
You have full control over your blog (here you are the king, you own the palace)
It makes you look professional (which you can also look by wearing a tie and a suit but wordpress does a better job :-D )
Okkkk…That’s all with the benefits
Now if you want to save money on starting your wordpress blog then here are a few tips which will help you out in getting your wordpress blog live without burning a huge hole in your pocket
It is not like I have spent some hundred dollars and started up this blog and now I am teaching you how to save money
You believe it or not, the total expense in starting Inside Tech Tricks on self-hosted wordpress was $2
Wanna know how I did it, go on read this post
See there are two steps of setting up wordpress where you can save money
  • Getting domain and hosting
  • Optimizing and designing
These are the two things in which you can save the maximum amount, because these things are only the expensive ones

Search for Giveaways

The first thing you should try out is search for a giveaway and find a person who is giving away domains, themes, plugins or webhosting packages for free
The best way to search for such giveaways is a giveaway blog, like this one which belongs to one of my friends or try searching social media sites because in a giveaway people are asked to share the giveaway link on various social networking sites
So go to twitter, search for tweets with the hashtag giveaway (#giveaway) or follow giveaway platforms like Punchtab and Rafflecopter on twitter
They often tweet about some really trending and popular giveaways
Try out this same thing on Google plus, search for all posts with a hashtag #giveaway
From my experience, I was just looking at my Facebook news feed and I just saw that one of my friends has started a webhosting giveaway on his blog
I needed hosting to migrate my blog to wordpress so without wasting a second I participated in the giveaway and did what he asked me to do, I tried to earn the maximum points I could and you call it luck or something else I was the third winner in that giveaway
Inside Tech Tricks is now hosted on Smackhunt webhosting India, and I have not spent even a single penny on hosting
Well those $2 which you read in the title are for the domain, I registered my domain name from godaddy in the Christmas time and luckily I found a coupon code which made the domain so cheap
I only played 65 Rupees (INR) for the domain name, though it is $1 and a few cents but I made it $2
Well if giveaways didn’t work out for you then you have to spend some money and I can help you out in saving that money

Search For Coupon Codes

Godaddy always has some coupon codes working, search for them and if you find a working coupon code you can save a hell lot of money
In webhosting also try to go out for discounts using coupons codes
I recommend to go with Hostagator webhosting who are one of the top web hosts in the world and are affordable, to make this webhosting more affordable for you I have got a special discount
Just use the coupon code INSIDETECHTRICKS25 to get 25% off your entire order
Or INSIDETECHTRICKS10 to get $9.94 off your order

Purchase in Bulk

If you have a working coupon code and some extra money in your pocket then you can save a few bucks while purchasing webhosting or domain
In this subhead I wouldn’t say much, I will do it and explain you
12 montha
Like you can see in the image if I buy a one year package from hostgator and apply the coupons code INSIDETECHTRICKS25 then my total comes out to be
24 months
And if I buy the 2 years package and apply the coupon code INSIDETECHTRICKS25 the total comes out to be
If we apply some simple mathematics, if you purchase a one year package this year and renew it the next year the total money you will spend in these two years will be
While if you purchase the two years package at first only your total will come out to be
means if you purchase in bulk you will save $18
Not a big amount is saved but I guess you have heard the saying
A Penny Saved is a Penny earned

Use the affiliate program, get it for free

Whether it is domains, hosting, plugins, themes or anything else most companies have their own affiliate program
What is it?
An Affiliate program is a program in which a person signups as an affiliate, promotes the company’s product and if any other guy buys something from the company using his referral link, the company makes a sale and the affiliate is paid his commission
You can use it cleverly if you want
You can first buy a product from the company let us say a plugin which costs $100 after the purchase or before the purchase just signup as an affiliate of that company
Now head to your favorite social networking site
Ask you friends if they want that plugin, tell the you will give them a special discount from your own pocket if they buy using your affiliate link
And let us say the company is paying you 50% commissions then for every sale of a $100 product you will get $50 and you are paying $25 to your friend from your commission
Now if one friend buys using your link, you will get $50 from the company and you will pay $25 to your friend from your commission so you earned $25 in this whole deal
Now repeat it more and more times, in four sales you will be able to cover your plugin expense and if you get more customers you earn a lot more
And if you don’t want to spend that money, try using free plugins and themes. They are not bad! Its just they are free
My blog currently runs penniless and will keep on running like this until I have to renew my hosting package
Hope you liked my post on saving money in starting a self-hosted wordpress blog
If you did, I have all the social sharing buttons fixed for you, just click on your favorite one and share this post with your friends

How To Get Maximum Benefit From Your Guest Post…

Getting more and more traffic is a dream of all bloggers. This dream comes true only when you do hard work properly. Blogging is not an easy job to do. Well it’s not so hard when you do it properly. Guest posting is really a superb way to get maximum traffic to your blog. But if you don’t know how to guest post and where to guest post than your guest post will not generate a good number of traffic to you. There are some secret tips and some guidelines which you have to follow and you will absolutely get a good number of traffic towards your blog.How To Get Maximum Benefit From Your Guest Post

1. Choose A Right Blog

This is most important part to get maximum benefit from your guest post. The blog must have PR (Google PageRank) Must be 3 or greater. Alexa rank must be less than 1 lack. This blog (ComLuv) is a heaven of guest blogger and you will get a huge lot of traffic from here so this is a highly recommended blog for guest posting. If you choose a worst blog which have no traffic then definitely you are not getting even a single visitor to your blog from it so be safe that the blog you choosen for guest post is right and it will bring you a good traffic.

2. Content Is King

I think you heard this sentence at least 20 times before you started blogging and now again. Why it’s so important? It’s because readers read the blog for getting knowledge not for wasting their time. Why the content of a guest post must be quality? It’s because you have to get approval for the post to be live on that blog. Its not the only reason but there is a more. If you will write superb content then the post will be popular on that blog for sure. It will be in light and more people will attract to it. They will read your post and will be impressed from it. They would like to read more posts by you and your blog have them so readers will go to your blog.
How To Get Maximum Benefit From Your Guest Post

3. Building Backlinks

Backlinks give you help in two ways. They attract new readers to your blog and they also help in Search Engine Optimization. To rank first in search engines, High PR backlinks are necessary to have and they are also hard to build. So choose a blog which gives you minimum 2 backlinks in author bio and 1 in article.

4. Author Bio

“First impression is last impression.” Your bio must be spectacular and your blog’s link must be there. If people like your post then they will surely like to know more about you and connect with you and your blog to get such unique articles daily so try to make an author bio which attracts people use catchy words in it. You are about to get maximum so you also have to do maximum. Make the author bio blossom so people will surely like to visit your blog.

My Final Words

In every job you have to work hard and in blogging you also have to do so. No one can lead success without hard work. Do as more as you can for your blog and one day you will be in top. Yes, never lose hope. “Try and try but don’t cry.” Here is another small tip that before you put your post for review, Do read it as a visitor of a blog not like you who wrote the post. Check the post as someone else written it and you are reading it. Do change where you think its need to be changed and that’s it. So now do the guest post and get maximum benefit from it.