6 Websites to Boost Your Creativity

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Looking to get those creative juices flowing? Whether it’s writing a short story, finding out the latest on multi-disciplinarian creative initiatives or drawing a portrait, we have compiled a list of some of the most creative websites to help you think outside of the box. Feel free to add to the list and tell us about more sites that inspire creativity!


WHAT A nonprofit web platform committed to sharing the very best content on creativity.

HOW Founded by three talented PhDs, the site highlights creativity from scientific

discovery to philosophical debate, from entrepreneurial ventures to educational reform

and from artistic expression to technological innovation.

CREATIVE BUG The website covers a breadth of disciplines and includes interviewswith leading filmmakers, artists, educators and scientists. The elevated discourse and

intellectual approach of The Creativity Post will not only inspire you, but will expand

your definition of creativity.

Image: Screenshot of The Creativity Post


WHAT A Facebook app where strangers draw one another’s Facebook profile picture.

HOW  Portraits are paired at random, and once a person is assigned, the participant

has 48 hours to complete the drawing and submit it – or the image will be reassigned

to someone else. Once you receive your portrait, you can thank the person who drew

your picture and do the Facebook dance – share with your friends and even turn it into

your profile pic.

CREATIVE BUG You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy exercising your drawing skills.

Plus the 48 hour time limit keeps you focused on creating a beautiful piece of artwork.

Image: Screenshot of Selfless Portraits


WHAT A web app that simulates a coffeehouse ambience to enhance your creativity.

HOW Coffitivity is based on scientific research that claims that the perfect conditions

for creative work are a combination of calm and commotion. As you click play, a busy

mix of people chatting, glasses clinking and dishes being cleared transports you to an

ambient cafe – even if you’re at home or in an office.

CREATIVE BUG To maximize the Coffitivity experience, you’re encouraged to

simultaneously play your favorite tunes just a tad louder than Coffitivity sounds. Just

click play, plug in your music, and presto! You’re ready to start creating.

Image: Screenshot of Coffitivity


WHAT A creative music endeavor that gives selected musicians a week to write and perform an original song on a guitar that is then passed from one musician to the next.

HOW One guitar, one week, one song—these are the guidelines of The Acoustic Guitar

Project. The project is intended to be a platform of inspiration and creativity for

musicians to flex their singer-songwriter muscles. This unique undertaking poses the

challenge of writing and performing an original unedited composition in a week’s time.

Each performer signs the traveling guitar which has made the rounds through NewYorkHelsinki and Bogota.

CREATIVE BUG The project’s mission is to help musicians reconnect to the original

moment that inspired them to be singer–songwriters. For the music lovers out there,

the site is a treasure trove of original acoustic compositions that will blow your mind.

An extra cool part is that each artist is interviewed, giving a glimpse into their

creative process and what inspires them to make music.

Image: Screenshot of The Acoustic Guitar Project 


WHAT A  global social initiative that provides a platform for storytelling and story


HOW The stories on the website tackle a variety of human experiences, and are

browsable by subject categories or by world regions. As of now, 22 countries are

already represented!

CREATIVE BUG Anyone is invited to submit a story with a suggested length of 1,000

to 1,400 words. Creative writing is an amazing outlet, and is a great exercise in getting

your personal thoughts onto paper. How cool would it be to see your story on the

online stage with other talented writers?

Image: Screenshot of Share A Story


WHAT A website that is an exploration of creativity in everyday life.

HOW The site includes articles, reviews and other creative sources to get your juices

flowing. The website is divided into the following sections: personal creativitycreativity
at work
creativity toolbox and creativity video.

CREATIVE BUG Deborah Watson-Novacek is the force behind Creativity for Life and is

on the lookout for stimulating articles on the subject of creativity to post on the site.

Feel free to email her and join the good company of such interesting articles such as 12
Ways to Boost Your Creativity At Work
 and What We Can Learn About Creativity From

Image: Screenshot of Creativity For Life

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