5 sites that Will Make You More Productive

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You ever have one of those days in which you don’t work to the best of your abilities? You just aren’t as productive as you would like? You are not alone. We all experience those moments in which we need a bit of a push – whether it’s to be more organized, efficient or to turn our ideas into realities. Driven by the notion that productive people are happier, we scoured the web and collected five of the best sources to increase your productivity. Feel free to add your favorite productivity sites to the list!

1. LIFEHACKERWHAT Curator of the best tricks, tips and technology for saving time and getting things done.

FOCUS Lifehacker has a wide variety of sections ranging from food and gardening to work and clever uses.

COOL FEATURE  The tip of the week – a short, instructive advice for making life a tad easier.

Image: Screenshot of Lifehacker 

2.REMEMBER THE MILKWHAT A to-do-list app that can be accessed by phone, web, Google apps and Twitter.

FOCUS Remember The Milk makes sure that you get your stuff done! It’s completely free and allows you to create multiple lists for all the different parts of your life. Items can be prioritized, tagged and given keywords to make sure you accomplish your tasks.

COOL FEATURE Reminders by text, email and instant message, come in handy for keeping you on track.

Image: Screenshot of Remember The Milk

3. MINTWHAT A one-stop-shop for all your financial accounts, Mint helps you learn exactly where your money is and where it’s going.

FOCUS The free app automatically categorizes transactions, sets budgets and helps you achieve your saving goals. Mint can be accessed online and is available on iPhoneAndroidiPad and Android tablet.

COOL FEATURE Automatically created graphs and charts to track income, spending, account balances and net worth, allowing you to compare from year-to-year or month-to-month.

Image: Screenshot of Mint

4.99UWHAT A daily web magazine that includes articles, tips, events and videos about how to help creatives take the next step in turning their ideas ideas into realities.

FOCUS The name 99U is taken from Thomas Edison’s quote that “genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration,” and the website intends to give action-focused content to push users forward to achieving their dreams.

COOL FEATURE 99U hosts a conference every year which brings together visionaries,

researchers and entrepreneurs who come to inspire, motivate and share their experiences. Some impressive past speakers have included:  Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit,  Jonathan Adler, founder of Jonathan Adler international design company and Jack Dorsey, creator and co-founder of Twitter.

Image: Screenshot of 99U

5.HABITFORGEWHAT A web app that helps you develop better habits and stick to them.

FOCUS The theory behind HabitForge is that it takes 21 consecutive days to really put a habit into practice. HabitForge will email you daily, checking up to see if you are successfully keeping to your new habit.

COOL FEATURE If sticking to a new habit seems to tough, HabitForge has extra accountability measures to keep you focused. You can join a team of others who are working on the same goal, set up multiple reminders a day or invite others to follow your progress with a weekly report of your stats.

Image: Screenshot of HabitForge

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