25 best bloggers widgets

Posted by: Dapinder Singh on 9/24/2013


Blogger is a very popular free blogging platform. It provides very flexible and robust blogging environment where you can start your blog in few minutes. There are thousands of widgets and plugins are available for blogger blogs. Which are very easy to add and manage in your blog. In this article we will discuss about 25 best blogger widgets.
Facebook Likebox – Facebook is the king of all the social networking websites. It can be used as powerful marketing tool for expanding your business online.Facebook like box is powerful widget by facebook which is capable of accomplishing this task. It is the most popular blogger widget. It helps in increasing your facebook fans by connecting your blog with a facebook fanpage.Share buttons – Share buttons are the most essential part of any blog or website. They helps in increasing your blog’s traffic by spreading your voice over the internet. If you want to increase your blog’s traffic and popularity then your must add these share buttons to your blog. There are various types of share buttons are available for blogger like floating share buttonsshare buttons below post titlesshare buttons below posts and animated share buttons for blogger.
Share buttons for blogger posts
Navigation Menu – Navigation menu is the most important component of any blog or website. A good navigation menu also helps in attracting visitors towards your blog. It will also help your blog visitors to easily navigate though your blog posts. There are various types of navigation menus are available for blogger like floating dropdown menufacebook like menuMega dropdown menuFloating menu,Dropdown menuNavigation menu with search boxMulticolor navigation menu.
Add floating dropdown menu to blogger
Subscription box – This widgets helps in increasing your blog subscribers. It contains the subscription links for all your important social media networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus. Your blog visitors can easily become your fans or followers on any of your social network in a single click with the help of this widget. In this way this widget helps in turning your blog visitors to your blog subscribers. Add all in one subscription to blogger.
all in subscription box for blogger
Social media icons – Social media icons widget performs similar task of a subscription widget. It also helps in increasing your social network followers. Social media icons widget is available in various forms some popular forms  of this widget are floating social icons ,WordPress like social icons widget and spinning social icons widget.
Add wordpress like social icons to blogger
Author box – This widget provides information about the author of the blog. It can be added to the sidebar or below every post in your blog. Add author box below post in blogger.
aurthor-box for blogger
Syntax Highlighter – If you are a programmer or a web developer and post codes on your blog then syntax highlighter is the best widget for you. It can be easily customized according to the look and color scheme of your blog. 5 Syntax highlighter designs for blogger blogs.
Syntax highlighter for blogger
Live chat widget – It is very user friendly and interactive widget. It can be used to create small live discussions between your blog visitors. It is free of cost and its installation is very easy. Add live chat widget to blogger.
Add chatroll live chat widget to blogger
Comment system –  Comment System of any blog is one of the core components of the blog. Your blog’s comment system must be stylish and full of all advancefeatures like avatar support, comment moderation, multi threaded comments. There different types of comment systems are available for blogger like LiveFyre comments for bloggerDisqus comment system for bloggerIntense Debate Comment System for blogger. You can also read our post on Customizing blogger’s default comment system
Livefyre comments for blogger
Facebook follow button – It helps in increasing your facebook followers. Your blog visitors can follow you on facebook in a single click.
Add facebook follower button to blogger
Google Plus followers – This widget helps in increasing your Google plus followers. You can read our post on Adding custom Google plus followers widget in blogger.
Add custom google plus followers widget to blogger
Content Accordion – Accordion menu widget helps in managing your links. If you have large number of categories of content then you can use this accordion menu to manage those categories,.
Add accordion menu to blogger
Facebook Activity feed plugin – It displays the live activities of your blog visitors on facebook. It helps in boosting your blog’s traffic up to greater extent. Adding facebook live activity feed plugin to blogger.
Add facebook activity feed plugin to blogger
Custom popular posts – It displays list of popular articles of your blog. Popular posts widget helps in increasing pageviews of the blog. Add 4 popular posts widgets to blogger.
Popular posts widget for blogger
Search box – It is the most important widget. It helps in searching content in your blog. Read our post of 5 stylish search box designs for blogger.
Dark black search box for blogger
Empty Ad banners – If you want to make money by selling advertisement space on your blog then it the best widget for you. It displays empty advertise here bannerson your blog.
Add 125px add banner to blogger
Custom labels – Labels in blogger refers to the content categories. These labels are used to specify different post categories. Read our post on 5 designs for customizing blogger labels.
Glossy pills blogger labels
Related Posts Widget – It displays related posts along with the thumbnails. You can read our post on adding related posts widget with thumbnails to blogger.
Related posts widget for blogger
Blogger contact form – Blogger’s default contact us form widget is very compact and light weight contact us form. Due to the presence of this widget there is no need to add third party contact form to blogger.
Official contact form widget by blogger
Latest Pins – You can embed your latest pins from your Pinterest Account to your blogger blog. Read our post on adding Pinterest latest pins to blogger.
Pinterest latest pins widget for blogger
Twitter Timeline – Displays your latest tweets and a twitter follower button connected to your twitter account on your blog. Adding twitter timeline widget to blogger
Twitter timeline widgte for blogger
Live traffic feed widget – Displays live traffic feed on your blog. It displays all the details of the visitor like time of visit, country of visitor, article read by visitor etc.
feeedjit live traffic widget for blogger
Notification bar – It displays any important notification or message for your blog visitors. Adding sticky notification bar to blogger.

Twitter follow button – Increase your twitter follower in a single click. Your blog visitors can follow you on your twitter network with the help of this widget.
Twitter followers button for blogger
Email subscription widget – It is very useful widget which increases your blog’s subscribers. Which further increases your blog’s overall traffic. Adding compact email subscription widget to blogger.
Email Subscription box for blogger
Google plus badge –  It creates a beautiful badge for your Google plus profile and also helps in increasing your Google plus followers through your blog. Read our post on adding Google plus badge to blogger.
google plus page badge for blogger

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