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Posted by: Dapinder Singh on 9/03/2013

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Hello students now you need to stop wasting your time on social networking websites because it is the time to earn easy money online. In this article we will discuss some tips for students, housewives or geeks to make money online by sitting in front of their computers. Students can earn good amount of pocket money by following these methods.


make money online

Blogging – Blogging is the most popular way of making good amount of money online. It will also help you in learning new things. You can setup a new blog about your favorite topic for example technology, health, business etc. When your blog starts getting good traffic then you can apply for advertising networks like Google Adsense , Buysellads etc. Once you get approval from these type of advertising networks then you just need to wait and collect your online money. Remember one thing blogging needs extreme hard work.
Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is another popular method of making good amount of money online. As an affiliate you can sell any type of products or services through your blog to your blog visitors. Many popular websites has their own affiliate programs. You can join these affiliate programs and start selling products on your blog. You will get some particular amount of share for each successful sale through your affiliate link.
Selling Domain names – Selling domain names for profit is another great way of making huge amount of money online. You can even make millions by selling domain names. For selling domains first you need to register some good domain names. After registering domains you can list these domains on various websites like sedo, Godaddy domain auctions etc. You can set any price for your domain. When someone buys your domains you will earn money. In this way you can make fortune out of domain selling business.
Earn money from download links – If your website provides downloading stuff like songs, softwares, games, eBooks etc then you can also make money by these download links. There are various websites which can be used for making money with your download links for example adf.ly, Dollarupload etc. You will get paid when someone successfully download stuff from your website.
Earn from fiverr – Fiverr is a small market place where you can buy and sell services for a fixed price of 5 dollars per service. If you have any type of service that you want to sell online then you must try fiverr. You can earn good amount of money with fiverr. You can also read our previous article on how to make money with fiverr. If you are a fiverr user and not satisfied with fiverr then you can also try  these 25+ fiverr alternatives.
Write articles – If you have a good writing skills then you can earn good amount of money by selling your articles. You can write articles on any topic of your interest and sell those articles for a good price. You can make average 5 to 20$ per article.
Earn money on YouTube – YouTube is one of the most popular websites. You can make money from YouTube by uploading your videos. These videos are monetized by Adsense ads for videos in YouTube. If your video is popular and get good response from the audience then you can earn huge amount of money from the YouTube advertisements.

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