Why You Need to Start Building an E-mail List?

Many people believe that e-mail marketing and promotion is dead.
I am here to tell you that it is alive and well. If you are not yet harnessing this powerful strategy, your website is missing out on one of the best, and most effective marketing tactics out there.
E-mail marketing and promotion is one of the oldest internet marketing strategies. There is a reason companies and websites still use it, because it works!
In this article I will cover: the benefits of e-mail marketing, strategies for constructing an effective e-mail list, and how using e-mails will keep your customers and viewers coming back.
Why You Need to Start Building an E-mail List?

How Email Marketing will benifit your blog?

I am sure that you have received dozens, if not hundreds, of e-mails specifically designed to market a product, website, or service to you.
While you may have written some of these off as spam, those that had a catchy or interesting title caught your eye. E-mail marketing is a lot like any other type of promotion, it will not work 100% of the time, but you would be surprised to know that this form of marketing has a very high success rate.
Don’t forget Money is in the list.
Email marketing is the SECRET of making passive income fast.

1. E-mail Lists Allow You to Target Your Audience:

An effective e-mail list allows you to target people whom you know have an interest in your site’s content and, or merchandise. When you construct e-mail lists from those who have registered on your site, every e-mail to those groups are warm leads, and typically results in some sort of action. Whether that action be visiting your site, purchasing and item, or even providing feedback, it is up to you. You can use your email list to promote affiliate product in order to make money!

2. E-mail is more direct and Personal:

With the recent growing popularity of social media networks, many people have forgotten about or abandoned this form of marketing. While it is widely known that social media marketing is a very effective strategy, it lacks the personal feel of an e-mail. People prefer receiving e-mails that appear to be targeted directly at them.
A well composed e-mail gives this marketing tactic more of a personal feel, while social media tends to targeted a greater, and more generic audience. When people feel newsletters, and product updates are meant for them, they are more likely to respond or take action.

3. E-mail can be used to Resurrect Older Articles or Products:

Typically when an article is first published, or a product or service is first offered, sites tend to showcase them. When they are being showcased they receive increased traffic and attention.
However, given enough time, they tend to fade into the background. One way e-mail marketing can be used, is to re-direct attention to these older products and articles. If you find that an article or product seems to fading into oblivion, you can re-energize it with a newsletter or product update. This allows you to keep all relevant content alive and active on your site.

How to built an effective Email list.

Here are some ways to build email list effectively. These method can work with any email marketing services like Aweber, mailchimp.

Here, Ammar is using MadMimi Email Marketing Service. You too can give it a try, Worth using and far cheap than AWeber or Mailchimp.

Create a Newsletter Sign Up:

There are many strategies that exist for creating an e-mail list, some work better than others. The main strategy that I recommend every blog or website put to use is the newsletter strategy.
This involves adding a section to your site that says something along the lines of, “If you enjoyed this site, subscribe to our newsletter and receive weekly updates.”
Located directly under this text is a form where users can input their e-mail, and are automatically signed up. (If you are using WordPress for your site, jetpack comes standard with this subscription widget) When a user fills out the form, you have successfully added a contact to your list, who you know is interested in your site’s content, products or services. This greatly increases your chances of successfully marketing to this individual, and all others on your list.
You can see this blog sidebar, header or after post optin form to get some idea. :)

Offer a Free Product:

Another effective strategy is using a product, for example a free e-book, to get users to subscribe to your list.
They see an opportunity to get something for free, and all they have to do in exchange is give you their e-mail. Most users will freely provide their e-mail to receive a free product. The key to this marketing tactic is to make sure that before they receive the product, they verify that their e-mail is valid.

Generate Leads Using Social Media:

Social media can be another great way to build your e-mail list. Google+, Twitter and Facebook all offer the opportunity to increase the number of subscribers in your list. I recommend using those platforms to promote your site’s newsletters, or product updates.
You can even offer free promotional products via these networks. Using social media and e-mail marketing in tandem is one of the most effective ways to generate e-mail marketing leads, and should not be overlooked.

Using Your Newly Created List

After you have implemented a few of these tactics, you should see a steady increase in your e-mail list.
You will now be able to send out targeted e-mails to these users.
I recommend sending a weekly newsletter with a catchy headline. Perhaps the title of one of your articles, or a name of a product you sell. Anything that will catch their eye and get them to read the e-mail will work.
Try offering incentives, or special deals inside of your e-mails. This will create credibility, and users are more likely to open future e-mails. Experiment with different e-mail marketing tactics, see what works for your blog or site, and stick with it.
Just remember not to get frustrated, building a quality e-mail list takes time and patience. Trust me it is worth the wait, when it finally does pay off.
In upcoming days we will be sharing lot of interesting stuff to build an email list, getting more subscribers and secret of generating money with email list. Just subscribe here and get update direct to your inbox.
Did I missed any point? Are you building email list? Join the discussion in comments

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