Blogging As A Full Time Career – Scope and Its Future

Thanks to the luring income reports of big blogs which shows monthly earning of 4-5 digits in dollars and these income reports are one of the main reasons of launches of hundreds of blogs daily. Days were gone when blogging was a hobby, now people are taking Blogging as A Full Time Career option. In this article I am here to give a brief description about blogging industry.
Future of blogging industries is a never ending debate and a vast one too hence I am here with a series of posts which will describe each and every aspect of blogging industry. I’ll try my level best to give my honest and best views to newbies who want to choose Blogging As A Full Time Career.
Dividing the Blogging As A Full Time Career Series in three articles:
Now coming back to scope and future of blogging. Blogging seems to be the prime topic of everyone’s discussion nowadays. But still there are many myths about blogging. People (especially from Asian countries) hesitate to join the blogosphere. The first thing they ask about blogging is “Scope of Blogging“. If you are one of them who want to know the Scope and Future of blogging then in this article you will get your answers.

Scope of Blogging :

Is there any scope in blogging? What if I choose Blogging as A Full Time Career? These are the most common questions among the upcoming bloggers when they start learning about blogging industry. My answer is Yes, there is lot of scope in blogging. There are millions of blogs online and the number is still increasing. But as the number of blogs are increasing number of internet users are also increasing. So there is no need to worry about scope of blogging. Increasing number of internet users are giving the better scope to the bloggers.
There are lots of blogs available for every single niche but still you can find that your blog can fill the missing areas if you keep writing on the topic which you are known and passionate about. Just take a simple example. There are hundreds of cars available in the automobile market but still we are seeing many car launches every month. The reason is users are increasing. So there is no reason to moving back from blogging by seeing the number of blogs in the blogosphere. There is a scope in blogging, all you need is to be out of crowd with your good quality content.

Future of Blogging :

What is the Future of Blogging? Can I earn enough if I choose blogging as a full time career? The profession of blogging is good as long as the media industry is alive. Sooner we will see people to use their internet connection for reading newspaper, to read the happenings around them etc. The future of blogging is now depends on your focus on small and tight niche. Your passion and expertise to your niche will make you successful in blogging. Blogging is way to share your ideas and knowledge for the online readers and if the no. of readers are increasing then why we are talking about the dark future of blogging. I personally believe that future of blogging is bright at least for the coming 5-8 years
Don’t you think, Future of Blogging is bright? Add your thoughts by leaving a comment below.
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