SEO Guidelines For Bloggers.

seo guidelines

To begin with we can say that starting a blog is not a very difficult task, you can creatively build a blog in a user friendly way. But times occur when you want that your blog should be read by more and more users and increase the traffic so as to make it visible to every user possible. The blog can be successfully communicated to each and every user if you use SEO guidelines.
Some of the possible methodologies that could help you to increase traffic of your blog are as follows :

1. The first and foremost thing to be focussed is the content. We know that the content of a blog is the most important part, as the crawling of the fresh content is most preferred by Google. The content being used must not be duplicate and should be user friendly so that the users are enabled to share it among them.

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2. If the content is concentrated more profoundly it would automatically help in increasing the traffic for blog by enhancing the chances of reaching a wider audience. It is also to be assured that the content of the blog must be SEO friendly.
3. The social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc must be used to share the contents and the blog post so as to find out new connections by impressing others so that they could share your blog posts and you could also get to know about other blog posters.
4. If you want to analyse the overall traffic of your blog you must immediately install a setup of Google analytics tool and webmaster tool, this would help you enable to see your visitor, get quality traffic, analysing traffic sources, keyword traffic and site map etc.
5. While you are writing your post it is very much important to focus on keyword research, for this one can try to use Adword keyword tool as it really help in optimizing a post to target specific keyword.
6. One should try to take part in more and more social communities where the audience is already gathered and discussion is being carried out, there are many social communities such as Stumble upon, Reddit and Digg these social networking sites help in gathering a lot of traffic for your blog.
7. A design being used in blog should be of such a kind that it could convey it’s message just by a look. In order to attract more and more audience a great design must be used in the blog posting.
8. One should also take active participation in other’s blog comment, because commenting on other’s blog is the simplest and the easiest way to attract audience for your blog.
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9. One must be consistently and patient, As “Rome was not built in a day” the traffic can not be increased for the blog in a one shot. It is a long process and takes a hard long time to give positive results.
10. Be patient and never give up too easily as when you will start following the guidelines properly your blog will get an increased traffic slowly and steadily.
So have patience and keep working, do not forget to share your views regarding this.
About The Author :

Tarun Jaitely is a young blogger and an engineer by profession. He writes about Technology, Social-Media, Blogging, SEO,SEM,SMO, Entrepreneurship and many tips and trick for online business and Internet marketing.

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Hi i am currently working as a Graphic Designer at Art Communications, i love blogging and visiting new places i like you all to be a part of my informative blog.

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