Why Readers Will Not Like Your Blog?

A blog can’t exist without readers. Being a blogger and a reader myself, I visit several blogs often and the blogs which I really like and I find them pretty useful for me, I keep visiting them frequently and even subscribe to them for daily updates and connect to them via various Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc.
But there are some blogs which I close away as soon as I open them or I do not find them of my interest as I find that there several things wrong on that blog. Definitely the owner of that blog has put upon good efforts to develop that blog but still there are few crucial things that are needed to be fixed in that blog otherwise the blog will be disliked by most of readers.
So, below I’ve mentioned some of the personal reasons that why readers would dislike your blog?
Why readers will not like your blog?

Pop-ups :

When a reader visits your blog, you welcome them with a Pop-up. Most of the people think it’s a cool idea but actually readers do not like pop-ups. May it be a popup for the reader as a subscription box, or an Ebook, it really annoys and interrupts while reading. Do you really think that you would force your reader to subscribe your blog? I really do not think so.
A simple solution to that is place a subscription box at the right sidebar of your blog since pop-ups really interrupt while reading.

No Fresh Ideas :

There’s no meaning of sharing the same stuffs again & again. Personally, You’re wasting yours and reader’s time as well. For instance, ‘How To Create A Facebook Fanpage’, I have already saw this tutorial on hundreds of blogs, so why would anyone like to read it again & again. It is alright if you share any news in your own perspective or in your own style but there’s no sense of copying it from big blogs when you can just link back to the original post.
So, try your best to share your own unique ideas and contents and you will see the magic.

Your Blog Takes Too Much Time To Load :

If your blog takes too much time to load, then it’s one of the major reasons your readers aren’t navigating through your blog and even not coming back to your blog. None of your readers want to see a globe showing readers all around the world, and even those unnecessary widgets and script running on your blog. Increasing your blog’s loading speed will help you toreduce bounce rate of your blog.
Try to reduce the scripts and plugins and use a good web hosting service so that your blog loads fast.

Not Replying To Your Blog Comments :

Readers come to your blog and leave their views or queries whenever they get stuck anywhere but you don’t even bother about those comments. It seems like you become an unresponsive blogger who will not help readers while they’re following your tips. This will compel your readers to dislike your blog.
So, always find some time to reply all the comments at your blog.

You Do Not Update Your Blog Regularly :

You do update your blog regularly and often you update bunch of articles at once and then you’re off for a weak. So, readers do not have any ideas on when they will be seeing the next update.
A solution to this is that it won’t matter if you not write daily but publish contents with a specific posting style. For instance, if you publish three articles a week, then don’t miss any. This way reader will be aware about when your blog gets updated.
If you have any other reason that why readers will not like your blog then share your views by dropping a comment.

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Hi i am currently working as a Graphic Designer at Art Communications, i love blogging and visiting new places i like you all to be a part of my informative blog.

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