Top 5 Tips For Guest Bloggers

Guest Blogging has always been an important and quick way to build backlinks but Guest blogging has drastically increased after the Google Panda effect and Google Penguin Effect, because the more backlinks your blog has got from guest posts, the lesser you are subjected to get attacked by the Panda or Penguin.
Bloggers from all around the globe are pouring in to submit guest posts on good PR blogs. Guest blogging is actually quite easy, easier than eating with left hand! There are now big firms that have started providing guest posting services and almost all of them charge reasonable price but of course you can write guest posts yourself for your blog rather than depending on those firms. So here are quick Top 5 Tips for Guest Blogging.

Search For Better PR :

The only big factor in guest blogging is Google Pagerank. Search for blogs with high Google Pagerank. Searching the Pagerank of every blog can be tedious so you can use some plugins like Search Status v1.41 etc for finding the Pagerank, along with Alexa rank, with ease. Sometimes, it’s just not only the Pagerank that you should look for; you can even search for good traffic blogs or blogs with better domain authority etc.

Keep Reading :

Keeping your knowledge about the web is essential for guest blogging. Reading big blogs related to your niche will help you to grab enough knowledge. Reading also helps making your writing style better because the authors on big blogs are generally the professional writers, and you can of course learn a lot from them.

Know What You Are Writing :

There are guest bloggers who don’t have even a bit of idea about what they are writing about but they can still write hundreds of pages. Knowing what you are writing about is important for getting your guest post published. All the blog owners firstly read the guest post themselves and later put it up on their site, only if they like it. So if they will find bugs in your posts, they will surely reject your post.

Stay Honest :

Staying honest with the webmaster will drastically help you. For example, let’s say you are new to the guest blogging world then you can just tell the truth to the webmaster and I don’t think he/she will reject your posts on the basis of your experience. Also make sure you deliver your guest post before the deadline.

Quality is the Key :

Quality content is the key. If you can provide quality content to the webmasters then I am sure you will not only find it easy to get your guest posts published on big sites easily but will also be able to gain some reputation.
About the Author : Adam is a professional SEO and Full Time Internet Marketer .He loves to write about latest trends in SEO at his blog He also offers quality link building through his Guest Posting Service.

About M.Ali

Hi i am currently working as a Graphic Designer at Art Communications, i love blogging and visiting new places i like you all to be a part of my informative blog.

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