Link Building Guide For Bloggers!

A few years back from now I remember myself wondering as to what the heck is link building? Everybody wants to get link building done, what does it do and that why is it that much popular?

But that was then, now I know even the advanced levels of link building and now I know the ways to rank my micro niche sites well on the search engines. Anyways, let’s just dive into the topic ;

What is link building?

I bet you would have already typed in that phrase into Google and have started looking for suitable answers. So it is as such… Google in the 1990’s built a system which could help them in ranking sites for keywords. This is when link building was introduced, links are nothing but a vote which proves that the site they are linking to is a good site and will genuinely help the visitors.

Why are they important?

Simply because the more the number of links you have the higher you will be ranked in SERPs. But all links do not have equal value – the higher the PR (Page Rank), the more value of the link is. If supposedly you have 3 links from PR1 site while I have 2 from PR2, it is more likely that my site will be ranked higher than yours.
Before we continue on this, let me introduce you to a couple of terms that I would be using very often ;
Page Rank (PR) as above mentioned is another factor of Google which determines how important a particular page is. The PR scale varies from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. Getting a high PR link might be a little tough but it is actually very good for your link building purpose.
Keyword is the word/phrase that you may want to rank your site for.
Anchor text – Irrespective of the level of link building you’re on this one is a must to be kept in mind. Anchor text is nothing but the text which links to your site. Mostly people would prefer writing “Click here” to get traffic to their site, but as we will most probably discuss later, the anchor text should be the keyword for which you wish to rank.
SERP – These are search engine ranking for keywords. The higher you rank in SERPs the more visitors you will get.
Traffic – You ought to have heard this one before. Traffic is a term used to convey with the amount of visitors one has to his/her site.
Niche – the topic your site is about for example my blog’s niche is technology
A few of the most effective ways to build links for a beginner are as follows;

Guest Posting :

Guest posting is one of the most effective way to get quality backlinks to your blog. There are many blogs on which you can submit your guest posts. In return of your post you will get one or two backlink to your blog. Backlink from authority blogs with good PR and high traffic will not only help you to get quality backlink but immense amount of organic traffic also.

Article Submission :

Writing articles related to your niche and submitting to article directories is a definite way to get high PR, good alexa rank and valuable links for your blog. The way you build links via them is by inserting your keyword in the article and linking it to your site.

Blog commenting :

Not as valuable as article directory links but this one too is a very good way to get large amount of links pointing to your site. What you shall do is find a popular blog with high PR and leave a quality comment on the blog with a link back to your site.

Forum Posting :

Similar to blog commenting but much more effective-forum posting is about finding a forum on the same niche and making threads and posts pointing to your site with the anchor text.

Submit Blog To Blog Directories :

There are many blog directories such as Blogcatalog, Mybloglog etc. which allows you to submit your blog details with a backlink. From these blog directories you can easily get backlinks to your blogs.
So, these were some ways to build backlinks for your blog. What you are doing to build backlinks for your blog?

 Tarun Jaitely

About The Author :

Tarun Jaitely is a young blogger and an engineer by profession. He writes about Technology, Social-Media, Blogging, SEO,SEM,SMO, Entrepreneurship and many tips and trick for online business and Internet marketing.

About M.Ali

Hi i am currently working as a Graphic Designer at Art Communications, i love blogging and visiting new places i like you all to be a part of my informative blog.

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