Top 10 Earning Blogs and Bloggers in Pakistan.

Top 10 Earning Blogs and Bloggers in Pakistan


Taimur Asad of

I think Taimur Asad is the ideal blogger not only for Pakistan but for whole South Asian countries. His blog currently has Alexa rank of 3K with highest ever rank of 2000 which is really phenomenal. His blog mainly focused on technology news, views and reviews, products/services from Microsoft and its competitors like Apple and Google. With whooping $25,000 per month earning he is no doubt the number one ultimate Pro-blogger of Pakistan.


Syed Balkhi of

If you are a WordPress blogger than you must be aware of this blog and why not. Syed Balkhi the CEO and founder of this blog may not live in Pakistan right now but he was born in Karachi and started his blogging career in Pakistan. After that his family moved to USA but still he is a ideal for Pakistani bloggers. Syed started in 2009 and now every WordPress blogger check this site first every morning. With alexa rank of 4600 and earnings of $20,000+ is the second best earning blog in Pakistan.


Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of

Mustafa started blogging in 2008 and he is not only a professional blogger but certified SEO Consultant too. His blog is about blogger tutorials and one of the highly recognized blogger designed blog in the world. After Google launched Panda Algorithm last year most sites saw a huge drop in organic traffic but Mustafa had some other plans. Google Panda Algorithm was turn around in his life and within one year is now the third most earning blog in Pakistan with Alexa rank of 10K and increasing. With more than $7,000 per month earning Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is at 3rd place in our list.


Bilal Ahmad of

Bilal Ahmad is very popular specially among bloggers for its free Thesis theme which he has been distributing free since he started his journey. Techmaish provides information about latest technology, tips related to blogging, social media and WordPress. Bilal also runs 4 other blogs and no doubt is one of the most successful bloggers of Pakistan. With total earnings of $5000+ he is at the 4th spot of our most successful bloggers list.


Saad Hamid of

Saad Hamid started blogging as a fun in 2007 but soon he realize that blogging has got potential and can be adopted as a full time career. Basically is a technology blog and covers all the major aspects of this field. Year ago Sizlopedia was one of the top technology blog of Pakistan but this blog is badly hit by Google Panda Update and now it has Alexa rank of 100K. But still this blog is earning lots of money with Adsense and tribal Fusion. With the earnings of $4000+ Saad Hamid is at the 5th place in our list of top blogger of Pakistan.


Aamir Attaa of

Propakistani started its journey in 2008 is very popular local telecom and broadband industry blog in Pakistan. Alexa ranks it at 77 number for Pakistan and without any doubt its the number 1 most visited blog in Pakistan. Aamir Attaa Data Network expert by profession owner and found of this blog is also a very active blogger and often arranges get together of bloggers with the help of multinational companies. blog with the monthly earnings of $4000 is at 6th spot in our list.


Muhammad Nabeel Khan of

Muhammad Nabeel Khan is a Doctor by profession but also like web developing and programming. Nabtron was started by a group of old school boys including Nabeel khan but after that they spread across around the world but there passion to create something extraordinary never let them go away from each other. Its a blog where you will find all the latest technology news, reviews, Telecom sector news, content management system and e-transactions. With the highest ever Alexa rank of 10k and monthly earning of $3000 Nabtron is at 7th position in our list.


Nadeem Khan started by Nadeem Khan who is Computer Systems Engineer by profession in 2010 and since than he never look behind. As the blog name suggests this blog focuses on Technology, Social Media, Movies, Sports, Military, Kid Contents, Web 2.0, Programming, Gaming, Politics and Infotainment. This blog has very unique flavor and that’s why very popular specially in Pakistan. With Alexa rank of 40K and total earnings of $2000+ Nadeem Khan with its blog is at number 8 in our list.


Salma Navaid Jafri of

I think the biggest name is the field of blogging, affiliate marketing and now she runs her own IT business. Although not earning too much from her blog now but still she is a great motivation for bloggers specially woman bloggers in Pakistan. She is a professional writer and you can hire her services on Elance. Take a look at her interview to CNBC Pakistan. Although not earning all her earnings from blogging but with the earnings of $2000 we have added her in our list at number 9.


Mehwish Abdul Sattar of

Another young emerging female blogger, affiliate marketer and Chairperson of 3wOgle Group of Companies. Recently her blog won the Best Infotainment blog of year 2011. She has runs many other websites like, and Truly a great motivation for young bloggers specially for female bloggers. You can connect with Mehwish Abdul Sattar on Facebook here and on her personal blog With total earnings of more than $2000 per month Mehwish Abdul Sattar is at number 10 on our top earning blogs and bloggers in Pakistan.


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