Career in United Nation.

The UN headquarters in New York

The UN headquarters in New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re looking for a position with the United Nations you should also possess a combination of skills, attributes and behavior that are directly related to successful performance on the job.

These core competencies are:


Client Orientation

At the United Nations, teamwork is essential. We work collectively towards a common goal and together we get the job done. As a team member you have to genuinely value other people’s ideas and expertise and be willing to learn from others. The team’s agenda comes before your own.

We put all those we serve first and make sure that they feel valued. It is important to have productive relationships with people based on trust and respect. You have to listen to what they need and find appropriate solutions for them. The reward comes when you feel you have made a difference to those you serve.


Commitment to Continuous Learning

At the United Nations we actively work to improve our programmes and services. That means that we value new ideas and celebrate new   ways of doing things. We are always looking for innovative solutions to solve problems and to improve the lives of those in need. There is room for creativity at the UN.

There are many great workshops and programmes available for professional growth and development. The United Nations is committed to a process of continuous learning and encourages us to keep abreast of the latest trends in our respective areas of expertise. You never stop learning.


Planning and Organizing

At the United Nations good communication goes beyond merely disseminating information effectively in a written or verbal manner. It is also the ability to use good judgment in each situation, to tailor the tone and content so that a message is well understood. Effective communication includes listening to others and responding appropriately.

Each department and office has a work plan that outlines what has to be accomplished and each unit and individual develops goals that support the Organization’s larger vision. You have to identify the priorities but also adjust them when needed. Time and resources have to be used efficiently and one has to allow for contingencies when planning.


Technological Awareness

You have to take responsibility for your role in a larger project and for specific tasks. In honouring your commitment, you have to be mindful of the Organization’s regulations and rules, programme beneficiaries and Member States.

It is hard to keep up with the fast pace of technological change, but the Organization offers training as well as support and consistently presents opportunities to keep abreast of technological development.


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