Network Monitoring Tools

Top 10 Network Monitoring Tools

Networking and IT software management is essential for monitoring and updating computer systems and servers. These network monitoring tools provide analytics on performance, utility and maintenance capability. Numerous such tools are available from the World Wide Web. A holistic analysis of possible system errors and their solution are gained by server or system administrators. In this article, we would discuss top 10 important network monitoring tools.

1# Ganglia

Preview of Ganglia  tool
The network monitoring tool for the computer system presents an overall view of the whole system of machines. It is highly beneficial for monitoring server cluster with the network management and monitoring needs. The main benefit of the tool is to provide analysis of how the system of machines or computers does together.

2# Webmetrics global watch

Preview of  Webmetrics global watch tool
Webmetrics is a versatile and advantageous tool for PC users. The main benefits of the tool are diagnosing downtimes, errors and many other added features. Thus the tool for webmetrics provides a complete outlook over performance, validations and analytic reports over available PC systems.

3# Jacarta

Preview of  Jacarta tool
The benefits of network management tool are numerous for PC system user. The tool analyses the correct temperature, humidity, water or moisture levels and numerous additional features that contain information for PC systems. These data are analyzed for vulnerability of PC system and also of air conditioning in providing accurate system upkeep or usability.

4# Dot com monitor

Preview of  Dot com monitor tool
Dot com monitor network monitoring tool for providing essential details over computer systems with server uptime and performance metrics. The tool provides overview for combined analysis of reports, notices and escalations. Also providesstress test, generates error analysis and alerts.

5# Zenoss

Preview of  Zenoss tool
The zenoss is a network tool for monitoring commercial servers. This has a fairly good and requisite amount of features for sustaining analytics reports. The tool has been written in python coding. It boasts of a simple and easy user interface. The tool is capable of providing control from proper analysis of IT infrastructure.

6# Applications manager

Preview of  Applications manager tool
The tool applications manager provides varied utilities for server maintenance and management while enabling problem clarifications and solutions. The tool features server loads, memory utilizations, disk use and other similar services for an IT infrastructure management. It is a very important tool for the administrator in resolving and clearing bottlenecks.


Preview of  PRTG  tool
The tool PRTG is essentially network monitoring and analysis tool where the network bandwidth, usage and network availability is the main criterion for measurement of these aspects. This tool has only 10 sensors and all features available for the free version as compared to the paid version.

8# Cacti

Preview of  Cacti tool
The tool for network management essentially develops the network graphicsolution to problems frequented on the systems. The network management and monitoring with the graphing feature is a different solution for network error problems.

9# Zabbix

Preview of   Zabbix  tool
This is an open source software tool for network analysis and management. The tool is used for only monitoring data. The software is combining varied features for agent-less monitoring, data collection and mapping or graphical solutions to IT network problems.

10# Nagios

Preview of Nagios  tool
The network tool for monitoring server, IT infrastructure and is packed with many other features. It has a popular version for monitoring and is famous for being one of the best ones available on the internet. The benefits mostly are in budget formations and costing, reducing errors and resolving network issues.
Network management and monitoring tools apply standard analytics to render solutions and feedbacks for IT infrastructure. In this article, we have discussed the important top 10 networking tools. Readers of the article are invited to submit their comments and views.

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